Apara Kriyas and Shraadham

Vedas and Smritis are the roots of Sanatana Dharma. Many are the Samskaras (purificatory rituals) prescribed in Smritis for the upliftment of human being to Godhood, which is the sole purpose of the rare and invaluable human birth. Of them, Antyeshti, the last Samskara performed for the person, who has departed from his body and subsequent Shraaddhas performed for his comfortable journey to the afterworld and settling down in an agreeable environment, play a very important and decisive role.

Aparakriya” is the ritual performed after the death of a person for the salvation of the departed soul. The rites are performed over a period of 10 days (from 3rd day to 12th day) depending upon the convenience and wishes of the Karta. Since these rites, especially on 10th 11th and 12th day, are to be performed in isolation, it becomes rather difficult to have these performed at one’s dwelling place especially in a city like Hyderabad where people live in clusters.

దహనము,సంచయనము,నిత్యకర్మ,దశాహము,ద్వాదశాహము , వైకుంట సమారాధన వంటి పుర్వాపరములు , శాస్త్రోక్తంగా భోజన సదుపాయతో పాటుగా జరిపించబడును ,మీరు కోరిన ప్రదేశాలలో గాని, మా వైదీక భవనములో గాని వారి స్తోమత అనుసరించి జరుపబడును

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